Nofidelity [Demo]

by Sugar Plum

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this old demo of songs from a very different time. it was the first time i tried


released December 12, 2012

dylan is on the guitar, voice, snare top, laundry basket, piano, and recorder



all rights reserved


Sugar Plum Bellingham, Washington

I am Sugar Plum

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Track Name: Air
and it's easier now
with my head in the clouds
you can't read my emotions
when my eyes are high
above the ground

but i'm still breathing your air
the scent of it sticks to my hair
it's no secret i was only in it for you
but i like to tell myself that i still like to

that i still like you
Track Name: Girl Power
i'm not worried about the way
you act so lonely with every word you say
cuz i'm gonna be the one to save you from the day
cuz i'm gonna be the one to make you feel ok

even when you're not tired you choose to fall asleep
into a memory, into a make believe
and i just wanna let you know that fantasy can be real
and i just wanna let you know the truth is yours to reveal

you feel the stimulation of a fluid bittersweet
creating a safe haven of flowers round your feet
and i just wanna feel your voice and hear its solemn cry
and oh what a joy that all i need is to make the stars collide
Track Name: Friendship
all that i am is understood
by everyone to be what it should
the weight of every word on my breath
secrets kept but told to the rest

turning dreams into pastimes
replacing inspiration with bad rhymes
i dare you to go outside
for once in your life
could you please just do something right

all of my friends have all gone
to make themselves feel right about being wrong
i guess it's plain to see what they want
is everything it turns out i aint got
Track Name: Blush
i don't know what is mine
i don't want to be here
i can't read between the lines

i don't want anything
don't waste your time
i can't tell what you mean
but I'm feelin fine

you have made a mess of her
why not just stay away
when all you can do is hurt

i don't want anything
don't waste your time
i can't tell what you mean
but i'm feelin fine