Sorry Summer [Demo]

by Sugar Plum

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released August 2, 2014

dylan on everything



all rights reserved


Sugar Plum Bellingham, Washington

I am Sugar Plum

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Track Name: Iceberg
it's something i'm not quite understanding
how you can feel love and not feel love at all
it's on the tip of my tongue but I'm standing
on the end of an iceberg about to fall

it's a thing i'm on the edge of understanding
how the both exist within one heart and soul
a need for love but totally undemanding
on an island made of ice and bitter cold

i guess it's not for my own understanding
i guess i'll just go through it all alone
but understand the risk of my crash landing
in the icy waters of your icy home
Track Name: Hanging Over
well i guess that hangin' over is
to be expected from
the kind of hangin' out which means that
we're just getting drunk
and it looks like conversation isn't
helping anyone
when did doing this every Friday night
stop being any fun?

do you really want to do this again Saturday?

how about we go and ride our bikes
just like back in the day
and get ourselves a slurpee from 7-11
on the way
and let's not bring our cigarettes and
forget about the beer
because i think I need a change of pace
just to get me through the year

do you really want to do this again anyway?

but for now i'll just wear sunglasses
and stay inside all day
cause my stomach is in knots and there's no
smile on my face
i'll never drink again i swear and you can
sure hold me to that
right after this hair of the dog puts my train
back on its tracks

do you really want to feel like this anyway?
do you really do this to yourself everyday?
Track Name: Silver Linings
ain't it a shame about this weather
doesn't look like it'll get much better
today, or the next

the sun is awake and he's lookin for me
why can't he see that i wanna be lonely
today, and the rest?

people are outside having such fun
getting their daily dose of that
vitamin D, they're happy

see the rain doesn't really make me feel blue
even though that is what it's supposed to be
i'm happy

i don't really mind the sun when it's hiding
behind all the clouds
and their silver linings
Track Name: Could It Be Love?
If you want to be my friend
Then you should let me know
Not that my time's in high demand
Or I want you to go

But I can't tell
Sometimes how you feel

And it's kind of a lot of work keeping
Relationships in line
When I can't make heads or tails
Of every little sign

Oh I can't tell
Most times

What you're thinking of
Is it friendship or could it be love?

And I'm trying not to make the same
Mistakes that I'm prone to
Because you make me feel a way
Most people never do

And I can't tell
For sure what that is

So if you want to be my friend
Then meet at the show
No more glances from across the crowd
Just a simple yes or no

So I can tell

What you're thinking of
Is it friendship or could it be love?
Track Name: Blackberries
feelin like i'm wasting time
haunting this old town of mine
hanging around here every night
thinking i might change my mind

oh it's such a nice place to be
it really is a sight to see
you can spend all your sunny days
picking blackberries
but they don't taste quite right to me

losing all that I find
keeping an honest decline
losing all but my mind
keeping an honest decline